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Boost small business productivity, employee retention and team engagement.

  • Are you looking for real-time recognition for your employees?

  • Do you want to create a common purpose across your on-site and remote teams?

  • Are you attracting new hires and showing appreciation to current staff?

  • Have you found that gift cards, raises and promotions don’t work anymore?

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What are Cogz?

Cogz™ is patent-pending and uniquely designed to build total workforce engagement for small businesses and mid-sized businesses alike with an on-the-spot rewarding vehicle. Cogz combines the qualities of an online employee engagement program with a face-to-face rewarding approach and social news feed. Cogz are smarter than a gift card and are the key to this “pay as you go” platform. It’s easy. You set your budget and order Cogz as often as you need to recognize your employees.

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Your Virtual Water Cooler

Your Virtual Water Cooler

With our workforce changing, it’s more important than ever to ensure your organization’s employees are feeling connected. Our platform provides an interactive social news feed to keep employees connected to the business and each other. Team members are encouraged to be seen, be heard and stay involved in the organization by sharing news and updates. Achievements can be shared and peers can like and congratulate one another. Create weekly challenges or questions that keep the conversation going.

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Show Off Your Stack

The Cogz™ solution couldn’t be simpler! Establish an account and order only what you need to award. Employees can receive Cogz in-person if they’re in the office, or virtually with an email to reach them remotely. With eleven different award value levels and 6 different color options of rewards, employees can compete with one another to build their own unique stack of Cogz. Your employee will establish their own free redemption account, allowing them to redeem from thousands of items in our online rewards store. Over time, employees can stack their magnetic Cogz to show off their achievements and inspire others.

Cogz Rewards Coin Stacks

Return on Investment

Measurable Success

Cogz™ gives you the tools you need to create an employee engagement program that builds employee morale and enhances the productivity of your organization. With the Cogz reporting system, you can see exactly why employees are receiving rewards. The reporting system can be populated with typical reasons for employee recognition, like above and beyond achievement – or you may create unique reasons of your own such as Completing Internal Training and Development. The reporting system will also give you information on how your employees are redeeming their Cogz rewards. This information gives you important insight into the interests and motivations of your employees as a whole.

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Online Rewards Catalog

Industry research shows if employees have the option to redeem points for a selected product over cash, you have created the ultimate goodwill and engagement between your organization and the employee. Cogz™ has created a progressive rewards platform for small to mid-sized businesses that gives your employees the freedom to reward themselves with the products or gifts they value most as an individual. Employees can log in to our secure platform to check their current points balance and save or shop from thousands of items in our online rewards store. Our global network of online retailers provides thousands of desirable brand name products in a variety of categories, from electronics to travel and so much more!


The Advantages of a Cogz™ Engagement Program

Drive Culture

  • Improve team performance

  • Promote important initiatives

  • Employees feel heard

  • Encourage competition

Improve Connection

  • Remote workforce management

  • Virtual or in-person recognition

  • Employees share experiences and achievements

Quick Launch

  • Create your platform in 10 minutes

  • No contracts

  • Engage employees today

  • Full control of your budget

  • $29.99/month

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Latest News

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