In this day and age, employers everywhere are competing for the best and the brightest that the economy has to offer. Workers can find companies that allow them to work from home and offer rewards programs that incentivize their performance.

Gone are the days when you could simply offer more money. Today’s employee wants to be appreciated and taken care of in more ways than just financial.

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That’s why an employee wellness program can be a boon for your company culture. After all, studies have shown that a strong company culture breeds sales. In other words, if your employees are happy, your business can boom.

Why does an employee wellness program do so much for your employees? There are plenty of ways in which they benefit, and each benefit actually helps your small business succeed:

Increases productivity

A healthy worker taking care of him or herself is going to have more energy and more focus when they come to work every day. If your employees are producing at the top of their level, you can expect your business to improve.

Reduces the risk of disease

Not only will a healthy worker be more productive, they’ll be in the office more. If you can help your workers stay healthy, they will be spending less time in doctor appointments and hospital stays. Sick time off will become less of an issue because your employees will have stronger immune systems and will be less susceptible to disease. In the age of COVID, this is more important than ever!

Increases employee engagement

Just by virtue of creating a culture around wellness, employees will feel more engaged with their work and the people around them, as they all share in the participation. It’s a way of bonding employees together.

Reduces stress

Any time you can keep stress levels at bay, you’re going to see business results. Stressed out employees are distracted and unproductive. By taking care of their health with a wellness program, you reduce the chances for unneeded stress, which translates to a more productive employee.

Improves morale

Do you think that morale improves purely based on pay? Not today. While everyone appreciates a raise, today’s employee wants to know that their employer is looking out for them and appreciating them. That comes from engagement. What better way to engage with an employee and demonstrate that you care about their loyalty than with a wellness program designed to help them?

Reduces health care costs

Not only will a healthy employee bring more revenue to the company, but a healthy employee also will keep costs down. When your company is full of workers that are not taking care of themselves, you’re going to see your health care costs skyrocket as a result. But if they are all engaged in a wellness program, you’ll see those health care needs drop – and that is going to save your company money in the long run.

Employee wellness programs are a no-brainer, and they don’t have to be complicated or expensive to implement. The last thing you want is another program to manage and administer.

With Boost Engagement, you can offload that burden onto our platform designed to create employee wellness and retention programs that get results for your workers. Check out our patented COGZ Recognition Program today for more details on how we can help make that rewards program simple, powerful, and effective.

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