One way you can improve performance in your small organization is by coaching your employees. This is something that, at some level, you should be doing regularly.

Strong management takes an interest in their employees: their needs, their concerns, and the weaknesses in their work. Helping them improve is a great way to succeed.

Employee Culture

But how do you do it? To learn, let’s take a look at a completely different group that can teach us how it can be done easily: the supermarket.

Improve company culture by acting like a supermarket

On first glance, you might not think your small business has anything in common with a big-box supermarket… but you’re overlooking one big lesson to learn.

Say you go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. You notice that spaghetti noodles are on sale, ten boxes for $10. Knowing you plan to eat spaghetti soon, you decide to take them up on the offer.

You get to the register and begin scanning all your items. Before paying, the register prompts you to scan your rewards card. You do so, and you get your discount, pay for your groceries, and move along your way.

With that one scan of your rewards card, you’ve given the grocery store a lot of information – and power.

By scanning that card, you tell the store that you are a regular shopper, and you’ve just shown them what you buy. They have a database of what exactly you’re buying when you usually pop in to the store.

The next time you go to the store, the register spits out a coupon for pasta sauce… because it knows you like pasta. And you notice that noodles are on sale a lot more often now, so you go to that particular store more often to take advantage of the sale.

This is an oversimplification, of course. But it shows you how companies reward customers and in turn obtain data that helps them serve the customers better.

You can do the same in your small business with a good rewards program.

A strong rewards program will give you the data you need to improve business

There are plenty of rewards programs available for managers who want to show appreciation for their employees.

But a good one is going to offer ways to track information about your team.

I don’t mean this in a privacy-violating way, obviously. I mean information about an employee’s work day that can help you find weak points to work on with the team.

By offering rewards to your employees, you can motivate them to enter information and begin tracking and quantifying their work day… which makes reporting very easy to do with the right tools.

They say that you can’t improve something that isn’t tracked. A great rewards program makes tracking that data easy. Is it unproductive mornings? Is it post-lunch slumps? Breaks that go too long? A salesperson that can’t close that many leads?

Lots of data points can paint a good picture, but the right program needs to be used. The patented employee rewards program, COGZ Recognition Rewards from Boost Engagement, makes collecting this information seamless while providing motivating ways to reward your employees for the job they do.

With COGZ in your corner, you can build a culture that rewards strengths and allows you to pinpoint and address weaknesses. All of this can work together to improve your company’s bottom line.

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