The environment surrounding your employees should be one of your top concerns as an owner or manager of a small organization. Your team needs to be connected and engaged with the work, as well as with their coworkers if you want them to produce.

If you have a team that is not producing, you’re going to have a hard time turning a profit. The bottom line is, workers need to be motivated to work.

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That’s something that has become a focus of many managers in recent years, and rightfully so. How do we motivate our employees? How do we help them take ownership of the work that they do so that they take pride in building up our business?

The answer is by creating a strong company culture around them. You can incentivize what they do, motivate them to adopt good habits, and push them to be more productive with proper rewards in exchange.

Of course, like many things, the year 2020 has made this a little more difficult.

The challenge of company culture in the Age of COVID

Earlier this year, many offices emptied out completely.

Employees began working from home to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus. On the one hand, this was a positive move: it kept most expenses down for companies, which helped if they were impacted by the pandemic.

It also forced companies to rethink their business models. If employees can be productive from home, why return to the office at all? Some businesses reported better productivity numbers from their workers when they worked from home anyway.

Now, those are great reasons to allow your team to work from home. But you trade off your company culture for it.

Think of the ways you try to create a certain atmosphere for your team. You might have certain decorations, particular amenities, and other things that keep employees engaged. Work meetings can be designed to do this, too.

All of those things are off the table if everyone is working from home.

Does that make building a company culture impossible in 2020? Hardly.

New and improved tools allow you to protect company culture remotely

The tools of the trade in today’s world have come a long way in recent years, and that’s why the transition to working from home has been adopted in so many places.

Laptop cameras are fantastic, and video chatting online allows for conference meetings and virtual face-to-face discussions with just a few clicks of the mouse or trackpad.

But what about incentives?

It’s easy to incentivize behavior when everyone is in the office. You can monitor progress and habits, and even distribute rewards just by walking by someone’s desk.

Is there a tool that allows you to do something similar for remote workers? Yes there is.

COGZ Recognition Rewards lets you reward your remote workers

With COGZ Recognition Rewards, your team can still be shown appreciation even if you don’t see them in the office every day.

This patented rewards platform gives you a dashboard to track the behaviors you are looking for, and you can even easily distribute rewards to your team.

It’s completely customizable, and it’s free to use – you only pay when you have to distribute a reward. With so many reward options to choose from (including letting employees choose their own), COGZ Recognition Rewards is a flexible tool for teams of any size – or location.

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